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Appraisal Management and Collateral Review

Simply put, we’re here to help you fund more loans. We do that by streamlining and speeding up the appraisal process. Our proprietary technology, which can be integrated with your loan origination system in only a few minutes, delivers a custom-tailored appraisal management solution.

We’ll automate your paper-intensive reporting processes, deliver the industry’s fastest turn time, provide comprehensive, real-time reports and reduce your costs. You’ll stay compliant and in control. 

Appraisal Process and Delivery

Valutrust Solutions takes time and tedium out of the appraisal process and promises national turn times that are the best in the industry.

Placing an order with us is simple. And, within seconds after receiving orders, our Valutrust platform geocoding technology assigns them dynamically to appraisers who are within 10 miles of the property, assuring consistent and reliable results. Valutrust platform also provides you with instant access to data and updates from beginning to end so you can track progress at the touch of a button. 

Appraiser Quality

Because an appraisal is the cornerstone of every loan, quality is critical.

Valutrust Solutions partners with more than 2,000 experienced, licensed, independent appraisers throughout the country. Each is geographically astute and committed to providing you with timely, accurate appraisals that improve your profitability.

For each appraisal, Valutrust Solutions assigns the most capable appraiser, based on service performance, demonstrated excellence, knowledge of the property area and verification of the appropriate license or designation for the assignment.

Appraisal Review

To confirm that we are effectively connecting the appraisal assignment to your successfully closed transaction, we regularly review the quality of our appraisers’ work through a rating system that measures timeliness, accuracy, professionalism and effectiveness of communication.

Before we deliver a final appraisal, we further assure quality - and regulatory compliance - through: 

  • our certified, experienced in-house appraisers, who meticulously review every appraisal,
  • our examination of multiple MLS data points to analyze appraised value and methodology, and
  • an automated evaluation of more than 2,500 USPAP compliance checkpoints.