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Company Overview

Valutrust Solutions, LLC, a privately owned technology development and services company, serves residential lenders throughout the United States.

Our proprietary technology integrates with clients’ loan origination systems, allowing automated management of every lending activity, from appraisal management and collateral review through closing. Loan ordering accuracy and productivity go up, and clients are assured of full compliance with relevant government regulations.

Valutrust pulls together all the relevant players – its clients, vendors and client service team – to manage every aspect of a loan through a common interface, seamlessly and in real time. 

The Valutrust management team has more than 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry and brings a passion for exemplary customer service and technology.

Valutrust Management Team

Lance Melber
Co-Founder and CEO

Drawing on an extensive and successful history as a technology innovator, financial services expert and entrepreneur, Lance Melber founded Valutrust Solutions in 2010. As the company’s CEO, he brings vision and leadership not only to Valutrust, but also to the residential mortgage industry as a whole.

Over the last decade, Melber has coupled his finance and technology expertise to direct and build several companies. He founded in 2001 and, by creating an industry-leading automated lending platform, established the company as the Internet’s premier home equity lender within four years. The company sold to Capital One in 2005 after record sales of more than $1.4 billion in loan volume.

Melber served as senior vice president of Capital One Financial Corp. from 2005 to 2008, and also was its mortgage chief until late 2007. In less than two years, he helped grow the company’s revenue to more than $4 billion in sales, creating new jobs as the employee base more than tripled.

In late 2008, Melber invested in and joined Archer Technologies as executive vice president of business development and as an active board member. The company grew revenue by 32 percent in 2009 and tripled the number of new customers year over year.

Archer Technologies sold to RSA, the security division of EMC Corporation, in early 2010, leaving Melber free to return to his entrepreneurial roots. At Valutrust, he is again indulging his passion for building IT infrastructures and automated processes, as he has for various Fortune 500 companies, including Aon Corp, First Horizon National Corp. and Seaboard Corp.

Melber holds a director position with the publicly traded He received the 2006 Sen. Pat Roberts Distinguished Achievement Award and was named LendingTree’s Innovator of the Year in 2003.

Sean Pyle
Co-Founder and COO

Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience building and managing customer service organizations, co-founder and COO Sean Pyle oversees Valutrust's internal operations and client care team. His expertise is foundational to Valutrust achieving its goal of becoming the industry’s preeminent provider of lender services.

Pyle’s early career included positions with multi-national firms Farmland Industries and Sprint Corporation, where he honed his business acumen and gained valuable experience in sales and customer management

In 1993, Pyle acted on the entrepreneurial urge and embarked on a career working with startup and early-stage companies.  He was instrumental in building and managing sales and customer care organizations for telecommunications companies Kansas City FiberNet and Birch Telecom. At Birch, he was part of the leadership team that took the company from inception to more than $300 million in revenue. In his role as Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Operations, Pyle led a staff of more than 900 employees responsible for the growth and care of Birch’s national customer base.

Prior to founding Valutrust Solutions, Pyle was a member of the executive leadership team at software company Archer Technologies. There, he led the global sales organization to unprecedented growth and success, culminating in the company’s successful sale to EMC Corporation.

Erica Bukaty
Director of Client Services

As the company’s client services leader, Erica Bukaty has created a cohesive team environment where Valutrust Solutions associates become extensions of their clients to deliver quality, highly automated mortgage-related products.

A seasoned industry leader with more than 15 years of experience, Bukaty assisted in launching Automated Escrow, LLC, a settlement services company, and was named its president in 2003. When Capital One acquired the company in 2005, it was producing 1,200 loans per month with a proven two-year history of steady, monthly growth. Renamed Capital One Settlement Services, it continued to increase production volume and net income on a quarterly basis.

Key to that success was the proprietary automation of daily tasks, which allowed the operation to transmit and review loan closing documents and fund as many as 4,000 loans per month and up to 700 loans per day with a staff of just two funding administrators. As the business grew, so did Bukaty’s responsibilities. She was named vice president of operations for Capital One Home Loans in 2008. In that role, she managed processing, closing, settlement services and other mortgage operations.

Recognizing that automation and technology are still the keys to success, Bukaty constantly enhances Valutrust’s proprietary technology by soliciting feedback from appraisers and clients.

Bukaty’s vast mortgage experience and expertise enable her to proficiently and effectively manage relationships between Valutrust clients and appraisers. She stays abreast of FNMA, FHLMC and FHA guidelines, recognizing their effect on discrepancy resolution in orders and on successful change management for process or guideline enhancements, such as Uniform Appraisal Dataset.

Aaron Rhoads

The information technology expertise of CIO Aaron Rhoads powers Valutrust Solutions’ technology initiatives and research, administrative and mission-critical functions.

Rhoads joined Valutrust after several years as senior director of information technology at Capital One Home Loans, where he led a team that was responsible for developing and maintaining the company’s technology nationwide. The custom software Rhoads and his team developed allowed Capital One’s loan officers to present customized loan programs to prospective borrowers more quickly than their competitors could. Rhoads and his team also gave Capital One the ability to adapt its technology to quickly changing market conditions and internal needs.

Early in his career, Rhoads consulted as part of a team for RISCO, an early real estate technology innovator, to build one of the nation’s premier MLS systems. With this real estate industry experience, together with his experience in the lending industry, Rhoads brings a valuable perspective to Valutrust, a company that serves as a bridge between these two worlds.

No stranger to entrepreneurial ventures, Rhoads also is owner and CEO of East Watch Services, LLC, which provides IT services consulting to small and mid-sized companies that want to automate their internal processes and increase productivity.