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Company Overview

Valutrust Solutions, LLC, a Williston Financial Group company, provides national appraisal management services and proprietary technology solutions to banks and residential lenders.

Our proprietary technology integrates with our client's loan origination systems (LOS), allowing automated management of every lending activity, from appraisal management and collateral review through title and closing. All products and information are delivered through a single integrated, leading-edge, technology portal. When using our service, clients see loan ordering accuracy and productivity go up, and are assured of full compliance with relevant government regulations.

Key Defferentiators

No other vendor and appraisal management technology affords the breadth of service and flexibility of our proprietary, cloud-based software. We understand the industry and goals of every player involved throughout the loan process and integrating our solution takes days not months with no cost to the customer!

The system becomes the single data entry and information delivery point for everyone involved in the loan process, providing secure, real-time status updates as well as:

  • One touch ordering of products and pricing
  • Consolidation of client and vendor systems to one real-time portal
  • Instant notification on all transactions and actions through the portal
  • Custom workflow by client
  • Automation of manual tasks such as:
    • Fannie and Freddie UCDP uploads
    • Delivery of the final appraisal to the borrower
    • Third party compliance tools CoreLogic, LSAM, and LSI VI

Valutrust Management Team

Our management team has a passion for exemplary customer service and technology-based solutions.

Sean Pyle – Co-founder and President

Sean Pyle draws on over 25 years of experience building and managing customer service organizations. He oversees the entirety of Valutrust Solution's activities, including pursuit of its goal to become the industry’s preeminent provider of lender services.

In 1993, Pyle acted on the entrepreneurial urge and embarked on a career working with startup and early-stage companies. He was instrumental in building and managing sales and customer care organizations for telecommunications companies Kansas City FiberNet and Birch Telecom. At Birch, he was part of the leadership team that took the company from inception to more than $300 million in revenue. In his role as Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Operations, Pyle led a staff of more than 900 employees responsible for the growth and care of Birch’s national customer base.

Prior to co-founding Valutrust Solutions, Pyle was a member of the executive leadership team at software company Archer Technologies. There, he led the global sales organization to unprecedented growth and success, culminating in the company’s successful sale to EMC Corporation.

Clint Pruett – Vice President, Operations

Clint Pruett brings over 25 years of experience building and managing client-focused, service-based organizations. He is responsible for Valutrust Solution’s day-to-day operations and support activities, including technology innovation and implementation.

Pruett’s early career included executive positions focused on growth of the company’s service offerings and client base, as well as, consulting positions in the communications and technology space with clients such as American Century, Comcast, Sprint, and Time Warner Cable.

He has extensive experience in the areas of product management, communications, instructional design, and information technology with deep knowledge of portals, information architecture, and requirements management.

Prior to joining Valutrust Solutions, Pruett served as the Vice President, Managed Solutions – North America for a global consulting firm, where his contributions centered on building a robust Managed Solutions organization and co-designer/technical lead for some of the firms proprietary technologies.

Pruett graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Kansas and holds degrees in Political Science (BA), Communication Studies (BA with Honors), and Law (Juris Doctorate).