ValuTrust Solutions understands the gross inefficiencies of re-entering any borrower information simply to order a third party service. One click of the mouse to order an appraisal, title, 4506, flood, you name it. Also, our underwriters love the ease of viewing a ValuTrust Solutions appraisal. Truly a game changer. Eric Morgenson

Valutrust Solutions Services

Beyond what you’ll find at traditional appraisal and vendor management companies, Valutrust Solutions provides residential lenders with access to a comprehensive suite of services delivered through one single integrated, leading-edge technology.  

Looking for a convenient, error-reducing, customizable solution to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your mortgage business? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll deliver – and we’ll do it with world-class customer service and personal attention. 

Current Service Offerings:

       National Appraisal Management

       Automated Valuation Models

       Flood Certification Certificates

       4506 Tax forms and Income Verification

       ValuGFE Automated GFE Calculator

       Title Insurance and Settlement Service

       Notary Services